Create a Sourdough Yeast Starter

Enjoy homemade bread for years using the same sourdough yeast starter. Begin today and bake your own tomorrow!

A starter is what is mixed into the bread dough to make it store-bought yeast packets here! Nothing more than a simple mix of water and flour filled with living yeast and bacteria. Don’t worry, if fed, a yeast started can live for hundreds of years. Follow these instructions and start your own.

Materials and Tools

  • Wide mouth jar or plastic food storage container with lid
  • 3 cups flour
  • 3 cups water


  1. Select a container to grow starter in. A wide mouth mason jar or a plastic food storage container will work just fine. Avoid using a metal container.
  2. Mix one cup of water and one cup of flour together with a wooden or plastic spoon. You can use any type of flour - all-purpose, whole wheat or bread flour.
  3. Pour mixture into the jar.
  4. Keep the starter uncovered in a warmplace (70 ?-80 ?F).
  5. For three or four days, feed your starter once a day by throwing out half of the mixture first. Then, add a fresh half cup each of flour and water.
  6. When your mixture starts to bubble, your starter is a success!
  7. Now cover the container with the lid and place it in the fridge
  8. Once a week, remove the container from the fridge and feed the starter as you did in step 05.
  9. Along the way, if a dark, watery liquid that smells like beer (called hooch) begins to form, just pour it out. Or, if your starter looks dry, stir it back in.


Once your starter is ready to go - use it for at home breadmaking!

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