The Ecology Center

We are a non-profit organization that models creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.

Gift a tree this season!

Invest in our collective future this holiday season and give a gift that keeps on giving!

Help us plant trees throughout the farm that will serve as a food forest and habitat for an ecological oasis right in the heart of Orange County! This year we planted 450 trees thanks to our amazing community and are well on our way to our overall goal of 2500 trees!

This December, gift a tree.. or 10! Help us reach our goal of 600 donated before the new year! Gift a tree for everyone you love to enjoy forever on our community farm!

Eat / Grow

Farm Share

Imagine that through the simple act of buying food directly from your local farmer, you can transform our food system! Farm Share is our community supported agriculture (CSA) program that showcases weekly and bi-weekly veggie boxes full of certified-organic produce grown right here on our 28-acre farm!

Join our Farm Share community today to support your local farmer, celebrate the harvest with your neighbors at our quarterly mixers, and nourish your family and friends with the best local and seasonal ingredients in the region!

Make / Partner

Handmade Pop-up!

This year for Handmade, We are doing things a little different. Instead of a one-day festival, we are hosting a pop-up shop in our farm house that will start in October and stay through December. Each month, different artisans will lead workshops on the weekends so we can really dig in as a community together to harness our creativity.

Tools for change

Shop the tools that bring creative solutions into your home

Invest in our future, donate to The Ecology Center today!