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A New Local Handmade Market

A New Local Handmade Market

The Ecology Center will be hosting our first ever Handmade: A Maker’s Market event.

Free and open to the public, celebrate the local artisanal community of Southern California. Maker’s Market brings together some of the region’s best emerging artists to showcase their one-of-a-kind crafts.

Hosted in The Ecology Center’s picturesque garden, guests can expect to discover everything from delicately dyed apparel to opulent wildflower arrangements. Furniture maker Darrick Rasmussen of Killscrow, denim designer Neil Harrison of Stormy Monday, Elliott Marks of Elliott Marks Furniture and event curator Kristin Morrison of KAM Textiles are just some vendors who will be bringing their incredible talents to Maker’s Market.

Keeping in tune with The Ecology Center’s mission to educate, promote and inspire others to live a sustainable lifestyle, Maker’s Market artisans produce original, beautiful, handmade, utilitarian products that support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Thanks to each artisan’s commitment to sourcing local, quality materials, every purchase made at Maker’s Market helps support the local economy, helping to grow the Southern Californian economy. Understand how the artists hone their craft, while learning to adapt their eco-friendly solutions into your everyday practices with Do-It-Yourself tips and tricks for making your own daily use products.

Watch the artists in action during the demonstration hours:

12pm- Buck Owens Basketry
1pm- Amabelle Aguiluz Knitting Machine
2pm- Lili Cuzor Floral Art

A community experience that puts art in everyday needs, Handmade: A Maker’s Market celebrates the power of sustainable living with the very products and people who make sustainability possible. An afternoon full of creative crafts, great food, and lively music, all set against the pastoral backdrop of farms and rolling hills, Maker’s Market is an experience combining art and environment in one beautiful atmosphere.

Join us to celebrate local goods and the artists who make them!