Identifying Cucumbers

With so many cucumbers coming off the farm, we thought we’d give you a micro Cucumber Field Guide for identifying all the heirloom varietals we’re growing.

Picked ripe and ready, it’s melon season!

Our best recommendation for picking your melon is by using all of your senses: smell the end of the melon, it should smell sweet; tap it, it should sound hollow; look for one with bright color and beautiful texture.

Peace Pizza

It’s our belief that good food should be for everyone. As farmers, that means corn, beans, squash, and tortillas and, now, the next version of that simple idea is Peace Pizza.

Tomatoes: The Jewel of Summer

From color, to taste, to diversity, our 12 varieties of tomatoes were planted to span the color of the rainbow, having a significant place in our diet for the next six months.

Crows are King

We’ve learned a lot in a short time and are grateful to nature for the lessons; we hope our ecological efforts will, in time, bring balance back to the ecosystem.