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Build Your Own Water-Light Toolkit

Tools for water-wise living.

Build Your Own Water-Light Toolkit
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Water-wise living is about halving our water footprint through our everyday decisions. 

One simple way to reduce your water footprint is to choose reusable products. The plastic industry uses a lot of water to make the many disposable bags and bottles that we consume in the course of a day. And more often than not, those disposables end up polluting our precious waterways and contaminating our oceans.


We can do better by our water! These six smart tools for change, curated from our online store, will help you conserve water during your daily activities.



Stash a set of our reusable to-go ware in your day bag to use instead of disposable plastic cutlery.


It takes 3x as much water to create a petroleum-based plastic bottle as it does to fill it! So ditch the plastic bottle for an insulated water bottle that you can use for everything from camping trips to taking coffee to-go from your neighborhood cafe.

CLOTH Tote Bag

Next time you shop at your local farmers’ market, swap out a plastic bag for a reusable cloth tote. Saves water and looks nice!

Bee’s Wrap

Plastic wrap is not only messy to use, but producing it consumes a lot of water! Biodegradable Bee’s Wrap is a beautiful food storage alternative that you can use for picnic lunches, storing sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and nuts, and covering bread as it rises.

Stainless Steel Tiffin

Going out? A stainless steel tiffin is a simple way to bring a nourishing meal or stack of snacks with you. You can also use a tiffin to take home leftovers instead of the styrofoam boxes that many restaurants provide.


A sturdy Tubtrug is useful for collecting water as your shower warms up, storing freshly harvested fruit and veg, and more.



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