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Chef tends to squash cooking over an open flame for a Community Table dinner.

An edible conversation between a farm, a chef, and the community.

We are excited to finish out a year of incredible culinary experiences with a special series of Community Table dinners, led by our very own Chef Doug Settle and The Ecology Center fermentation, bakery, and beverage teams. These beloved dinners will continue to more deeply connect chefs, farmers, and the community around delicious ecological meals while inspiring a relationship of stewardship with the land. To ensure that these beautiful experiences won’t be affected by the weather, we will be hosting these final dinners in the cozy shelter of our rustic greenhouse with a smaller guest list.


Join us for an intimate, family-style feast featuring thoughtful courses crafted from ingredients grown on our 28-acre Regenerative Organic™ farm.

With a guest list capped at just 60 people, this intimate gathering is designed to provide an authentic taste of the farm.

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Community Table: Chef Doug Settle and The Ecology Center Culinary Team

The Ecology Center 32701 Alipaz Street, SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO

Doug Settle is a San Diego-based chef with 15 years of culinary experience. His desire to create positive change in the world through food led him to his current role at The Ecology Center, where he oversees the organizations culinary efforts.

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The Community Table


Principles of a Regenerative Food System

Our Community Table dinner series began with the development of the Community Table Accord–a set of principles developed by chefs and leaders of the regenerative food movement to promote sustainability throughout all aspects of sourcing, preparing, and eating food. At The Ecology Center, we believe that everyday, simple solutions create big change in our communities. Together, we are building a healthy, vibrant future designed around the understanding that we are a part of nature.

The Community Table Accord is an effort to mainstream sustainability in the global farm-to-table community. Shaped, practiced, and shared by our found chefs, the Community Table Accord advances the conversation at the dinner table. By living and eating in accordance with these principles, each one of us contributes to a more abundant future.

eat fresh + seasonal

Choose local produce that’s in season

Buy local

Support a dynamic local economy

Choose Organic

Remove contaminants and toxins from our food supply

Choose Organic

Remove contaminants and toxins from our food supply

Respect Animals

Only eat animals raised with intention and respect

Grow your own

Participate in the act of growing food

Celebrate diversity

Cultivate and consume a diverse variety of foods

Promote Polycultures

Make farms regenerative ecosystems

Nourish All Children

Give children everywhere access to delicious, healthy food

Educate for Change

Empower positive change through personal and collective activism

Celebrate the harvest

Take time to celebrate, recognize, and inspire your community