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Curating a Community Table for Earth Day

Celebrating community and seasonal eating on Earth Day.

Curating a Community Table for Earth Day
Green Feast 2013

The community table is an opportunity to gather together, exchange ideas and share food.

A great gathering is in the details. Herewith, simple ideas for spreading the love.




When we gather together to break bread and share platters of vegetables sourced from our favorite farmer, the where of what we eat is just as important as the how. Feasting with friends doesn’t have to mean stocking up on single use plates and paper napkins.

So bring a little more beauty to your life by focusing on a waste-free feast. Invest in a gorgeous glass carafe for herbal tea and check out your local hardware store to scoop up lovely Mason Jars to take the place of Dixie Cups. A smattering of cloth napkins is an elegant antidote to paper and scoring a few extra plates, forks, and spoons from your neighborhood consignment shops means there is no need to turn to the plastic junk at the party store. These small details make a gathering truly special and sustainable.



Setting a table consonant with the season’s abundance is an easy way to infuse the everyday with magic. Consider the following suggestions a blueprint for building a better party.

  • Gather together friends and family to craft simple arrangements from native flowers.

  • Reusable glass jars filled with tangles of spring herbs invite conversation and inspire reverence for the natural world.

  • Use wooden boards to serve delicate spring green tapenades and local cheeses.


A potluck is an easy way to share the harvest and nourish community. Invite friends with kitchen chops to join you in making more complicated dishes and encourage guests who aren’t as experienced to bring a simple side dish, sauce, or salad. Everyone should have a place at the table!


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