Imagine if a farm could transform a community


We are working the land and planting seeds to provide food for school lunches in the Encinitas Union School District. Dig in with us during our community volunteer days!

We're just getting started

Welcome to Farm Lab. In April 2018 we broke ground in Encinitas marking the beginning of our partnership with the Encinitas Union School District. Farm Lab will be a living laboratory that facilitates problem-solving, project-based learning, and hands-on DIY workshops. We believe that to train our students to be leaders of the 21st century, we must arm them with real-world experiences that encourage them to work with their hands so they experience the joy of being able to watch something grow. This Farm will be an inspiration to our community and a place for us to come together and celebrate.

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Community Table Dinner Series

Our journey of transformation towards a thriving ecosystem has just begun in Encinitas. Much of the joy in this process comes from building something together. Our Community Table Dinners are a time to do just that. When we join together around the table, we inspire each other to take a moment and honor local farmers and chefs, break bread with our community, and savor the flavors of the season.

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