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Featured Chef: Amy LeBrun

This Newport Beach chef highlights hyper-local ingredients and only the freshest, most responsible catch

Featured Chef: Amy LeBrun

Amy Lebrun is executive chef of Newport Beach-based Lido Bottle Works. She builds close relationships with local fisherman so that her menu highlights hyper-local ingredients and only fresh, responsible catch.  






Of the 10 Community Table principles, which one resonates with you most?

Eating fresh and seasonal. The food that is in season dictates the menu at Lido Bottle Works. For me, it’s a no-brainer. Whatever is growing out in the garden, is where we source from.

What do you keep in mind when sourcing sustainably?

I look for what is in season. We have great relationships with our vendors which is important too because they source the freshest and seasonal items for us. We have a garden in Costa Mesa, Ca and we harvest from that to supplement our menu.

What’s currently your favorite dish on the menu?

House-made pasta fettuccine with clams. Adorned with fresh basil, dill, and parsley from the Costa Mesa garden that we clip daily.  It’s a super fresh, summer dish.

When you imagine the future of food what do you hope to see?

I see a healthier environment. I’m so happy to see the younger generations interested in taking care of their bodies and their environment, it’s so impressive to me. That inspires me to do better, and to cook cleaner food. I’m therefore promoting a healthier and fresher choice at Lido Bottle Works.