Featured Chef: Drew Deckman

Why Green Feast Chef Drew Deckman thinks it’s important to “Vote With Your Fork”

Featured Chef: Drew Deckman

A pioneer of the “slow food” movement, Drew Deckman believes that responsibly raised food tastes better. Deckman traveled the world, cooking in places like Switzerland, Germany, and Shanghai before planting roots in Baja California.  The Michelin Star chef is now showcasing the bounty of Baja California at his restaurant, Deckman’s en el Mogor in the Guadalupe Valley.  

Drew is committed to “bringing the table to the farm”, produce, wine, herbs, and olive oil are grown on Deckman’s property, cheese and meat are sourced locally and seafood comes straight from the Baja Peninsula. Drew’s commitment to the preservation of our eco-system is truly inspiring. From his menu to his methods, Drew is leading by example when it comes to an ecologically harmonious future.

What keeps you optimistic and hopeful?

Drew Deckman: Seeing young cooks embrace farm and livestock management in Mogor.  My children understanding sustainability and practicing it. The smiles on my customer’s faces when they “taste” real food.

What are important skills for humans on planet Earth?

DD: Humility, empathy, the ability to plant and harvest, moderation and creativity in food utilization.

What does community mean to you?

DD: Community means sharing/caring. Community means supporting your neighbors. Community means buying local. Community means investing in your community. Community means family.

Where’s your oasis? What’s Eden? Where do you go to recharge?

DD: Underwater breathing compressed air at depth.  Or something absolutely not sustainable: going 100 mph on dirt in an off road race vehicle. But more the diving than the racing.

Who’s your inspiration?

DD: My late mother, Madeleine Kamman, Alice Waters, all women who cook, who taught me more than any other mentors I’ve had.

What’s your favorite meal to eat? To make?

DD: Mariscos Baja Style To make? I love to braise!  (And Mariscos, Baja style)

What does sustainability mean to you?

DD: To me, sustainability has become an overused word.  I feel that the word sustainability has lost its meaning.  We try to use the word “responsible” instead of “sustainable”.

When do you feel most hopeful about our Planet Earth?

DD: When I see my daughter eating food I cook for her, knowing that she is being raised in an environment that will allow her to foster responsible decisions in her life and others.

What are simple solutions that do a whole lot’a good?

DD: Recycle. Buy local. Give back to those in need. Plant a tree. Plant a garden.

How do you inspire our future generation?

DD: By example.  I try to instill the importance of “voting with your fork.” Every penny you spend, every decision you make, you are voting “yes” for that product or thing.  Choose wisely.

Check out Drew Deckman at our 8th Annual Green Feast! Click here to purchase tickets.

All photos: Ryan Haack