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Featured Film: “Come To Life”

By Cyrus Sutton, presented by Guayakí

Featured Film: “Come To Life”

Featured Film

“Not only are we not connected to nature, we’re not connected to each other. That’s where this movement of ecological design seeks to transcend that”. 10 years ago, The Ecology Center’s founder and Executive Director, Evan Marks set out to create a more ecologically sound future. With experience designing and working on farms all over the world, Evan found infinite opportunity in designing a thriving ecosystem in his native region of Southern California. Documentary director, Cyrus Sutton partnered up with Guayakí to tell Evan’s transformational journey in their latest film series, “Come To Life”.

About The Filmmaker

A long-time friend of The Ecology Center, Cyrus Sutton believes in creating films which promote curiosity and ecological literacy. He’s been directing documentary films for fifteen years including his award-winning, 2003 surf film Riding Waves. He won a Southwest regional EMMY when he was 23 and has directed hundreds of short films since. He is a passionate surfer, artist/athlete ambassador for Reef, Hydroflask, and Arbor.

About Guayakí

Guayakí’s vision holds that yerba mate culture will power our Market Driven Regeneration™ business model to regenerate ecosystems and create vibrant communities.

Guayakí was founded in California by Alex Pryor and David Karr while attending Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo. Alex and David set out to share yerba mate with the world, recognizing that people were in need of a nourishing source of energy and a healthy dose of optimism. Soon thereafter, Alex and Davis were joined by three other pioneering partners to round out the original founding seed group: don Miguel, Steven Karr, and Chris Mann. From two with a vision to five friends on a mission, they channeled their activist mentality to pioneer a revolutionary Market Driven Regeneration business model that empowers customers to drive tangible change with every purchase.

Now headquartered in Sebastopol, California (a leading hub of craft food and beverage) with a team of Cebadores, Guayakí is serving up yerba mate culture and connecting with communities worldwide. Led by spirit, Guayakí remains a privately held company to steward our vision and ensure our legacy.