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Featured Partner: Puesto

Known for their handmade tortillas, San Diego-based Mexican artisan kitchen, Puesto, breaks down the importance of their most used but most controversial grain: corn.

Featured Partner: Puesto

Inspired by their dedication to quality and local ingredients, The Ecology Center welcomes Puesto to the 4th Annual Handmade: A Maker’s Market. Puesto is a leader in the conversation about the use of heirloom/non-GMO corn while celebrating the flavors of Mexico City. Their restaurants in San Diego and Irvine have attracted thousands of Southern California locals with their innovative flavors, traditional recipes and a new take on tequila-based beverages, all the while staying true to the sourcing of their ingredients. Best known for their handmade blue tortillas, Puesto raises the bar when it comes to their commitment to mouth-watering but thoughtfully curated ingredients. Visit Puesto at this weekend’s Handmade: A Maker’s Market, at The Ecology Center to taste what we’re talking about… It might just change the way you think about Mexican food in Orange County.

 Puesto is known for handmade blue corn tortillas? Where does the corn used to make the handmade tortillas come from?

Puesto: We use organic non-GMO blue corn masa from Kernel of Truth Organic, which we kneed into Puesto Perfect Tortillas and make fresh every day. Kernel of Truth sources their corn from a family farm in Illinois and then the masa is made in Los Angeles, CA. Kernel of Truth Organics is the first tortilleria in Los Angeles making products from 100 percent organic American corn.

Why does Puesto choose to use non-GMO corn?

Puesto: We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest level of ingredients. Utilizing organic, non-GMO corn ensures the soil is clean and free of cross-contamination. It also just tastes better.

 Why is it important to support the heirloom corn movement?

Puesto: It is important to support the organic / non-GMO / heirloom movement because protecting the corn seed is essentially protecting ourselves our health and the earth. GMO corn production uses excessive amounts of pollutants, chemicals and creates toxic waste.

 Why is this age-old tradition of tortilla making important to Puesto?

Puesto: Using organic corn preserves the tradition of original tortilla makers. Meso-Americans traditionally used native corn free of any chemicals, which gives the tortilla it’s true taste.

 What’s on the menu for Handmade: A Maker’s Market?

Puesto: We’ll be offering fresh tortillas sold by the dozen as well as three types of our signature tacos:

  1. Chayote and goat cheese.
  2. Zucchini & cactus. Filled with crispy melted cheese, calabacitas of zucchini, cactus, corn, tomato, avocado and, cilantro-tomatillo.
  3. Al pastor. Filled with crispy melted cheese, hibiscus & chipotle tinga, avocado and, piña habanero pico.


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