Winter Squash Gratin

This baked squash dish is hearty enough to serve as a main dish with a green salad and a loaf of crusty bread. It is bright with herbs and tangy with parmesan cheese.
Nothing is more delicious or comforting in the cool fall weather than a squash soup. Make this soup with your favorite chicken broth or vegetable broth, depending on your preference. The brown butter-sage garnish is what makes this soup so tasty!
Field Notes
With so many cucumbers coming off the farm, we thought we’d give you a micro Cucumber Field Guide for identifying all the heirloom varietals we’re growing.
Field Notes
It’s our belief that good food should be for everyone. As farmers, that means corn, beans, squash, and tortillas and, now, the next version of that simple idea is Peace Pizza.
Field Notes
From color, to taste, to diversity, our 12 varieties of tomatoes were planted to span the color of the rainbow, having a significant place in our diet for the next six months.
Field Notes
We’ve learned a lot in a short time and are grateful to nature for the lessons; we hope our ecological efforts will, in time, bring balance back to the ecosystem.
Field Notes
Back in 2018, The Ecology Center had the vision to expand into the local community of “cul-de-sacs” and transform them into “ecological learning landscapes.” That vision drove the expansion of the surrounding farmland forward.
Field Notes
We had so much fun harvesting your box this week because it’s an absolute celebration of spring.

Harvest Box

Thoughtfully curated by culinary and agricultural artisans. Farm Share is an opportunity to experience the seasons with all of its diversity of colors and flavors in your own home. Harvest Box is a weekly offering of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs from our fa rm and farm partners. Sign up for a subscription or one-time box in either Individual or Family-sized box options.

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Organic Seeded Loaf

Sarah from Rye Goods is the best baker that we know in our region. Every ingredient is sourced organically and then milled and made with love daily. The Seeded Loaf is a wild fermented sourdough loaf made with spelt and filled inside and out with toasted sesame seeds.