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Get Involved: Encinitas

The Ecology Center at Encinitas Farm Lab

Get Involved: Encinitas
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The Ecology Center at Encinitas Farm Lab is a living laboratory designed to facilitate problem-solving, project-based learning, experiments in social enterprise, and be an inspiration to our community.

We believe that to train our students to be leaders of the 21st century, we must arm them with real-world experiences that encourage them to work with their hands so they experience the joy of being able to watch something grow. Click here to learn more. 

Community Engagement

Our first phase of building will include a docking station for Road Trip, our mobile ecological experience, a greenhouse to propagate our future food forest, a welcome exhibit to share our aspirational vision, and a courtyard where our community can join together. 

We can’t do this work alone. Will you join us?

Building an ecological education farm and facility takes time. Most importantly, it’s about building something together. We invite you to join us as we transform a dirt lot into a thriving community ecosystem. Click below to join our volunteer program and take part in building a transformative food future.