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Transforming spaces across the region

Learn how Road Trip came to be, what it is capable of and why we are hitting the road.

Transforming spaces across the region
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10 years ago, The Ecology Center was nothing more than a dirt lot. Since then, our house and grounds have transformed into a model for what’s possible when we work in harmony with — not against — the natural world. Throughout the years, we’ve engaged hundreds of thousands of people in the pursuit of creating an abundant future for all.

We’ve taught people creative solutions for thriving on planet earth through skills-based learning and transformative workshops at The Ecology Center. We’ve built a network of ecological stewards around this shared vision, and in doing so, we’ve emphasized the importance of a strong and engaged community.

What can Road Trip do?

Road Trip transforms any space into an ecological oasis with community-based, educational, nutritional, and celebratory experiences. A parking lot becomes a space for a beautiful, farm-to-table dinner; a school blacktop transforms into an ecological oasis, a business park transforms into an interactive space for team-building; a beach turns into a classroom to explore our ecological food future.

We curate programming to share memorable school visits, farm-to-table meals, skills-based workshops and community celebrations. On board, you will find two stories of interactive displays, an inspiring prep kitchen, and a pop-up farmer’s market.

  • When visiting a school, Road Trip transforms the campus into a multi-day interactive field trip. Students will engage in eco-skills workshops like seed saving, growing food and composting. Students end the Road Trip in celebration by inviting their families to campus to break bread and explore the bus. When Road Trip departs, students and families bring home the tools and inspiration to help further cultivate a thriving community ecosystem.
  • Road Trip’s inspiring prep kitchen provides a spacious space for our culinary leaders to prepare delicious farm-to-table meals for our community at Community Table.
  • Road Trip collaborates with like-minded corporate teams to partners to transform a workplace into a space for hands-on programming and celebratory experiences around a variety of ecological subjects.
  • Workshops aboard road trip include hands-on experiences like Organic Composting, Natural Dyeing, and Quick Pickling.

Why Road Trip?

Our work in San Juan Capistrano continues to evolve and expand. Road Trip makes it possible for us to bring our programming off of our property and into more communities. Being able to travel directly to communities helps us provide tools, knowledge, and experiences that will foster long-lasting, transformative memories for students of all ages.

Do you want to bring Road Trip to your school? Click below to learn how to apply.