Green Feast

A pathway to an ecological food future

Green Feast celebrates our community of culinary leaders, dedicated purveyors, and passionate farmers joined together alongside our closest supporters to share a meal at sunset. Together we celebrate the abundance of the season and taste the delicious creative expressions in food grown, sourced, and prepared within our region of Southern California.
Sep 21

Green Feast: San Juan Capistrano

In our 12th year at The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano, we celebrate the expansion of our vision and mission. This is just the beginning!

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Green Feast Encinitas

This year we join together on our new Encinitas location to bring our chefs, farmers and community together to break bread and honor our collective mission and our community’s dedication to supporting the building blocks of a healthier, more connected future where children are nourished and educated with skills for the 21st century.

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Jennifer Sherman

Chez Panisse

Cathy Mcnight

Eilo's Kitchen

Green Feast - San Juan Capistrano: Meet Your Chefs & Farmers

Each year, Green Feast provides a unique opportunity for leaders in the farm-to-table movement to share their inspiration with our community. As we celebrate our 12th Green Feast, we are proud to bring you a woman run feast. This year we honor Chef Jennifer Sherman of Chez Panisse who will lead a team of incredible female chefs with the help of founding Green Feast Chair, Vicki Marks. Join us in celebrating them and their dedication to our community and mission.

Jason McLeod

Ironside Fish & Oyster

Brian Malarky

Herb & Wood

Green Feast - Encinitas: Meet our 2019 Chefs & Farmers

At Green Feast, we gather together as a community to celebrate what's possible when farmers and chefs work together towards an ecological food future. We're honored to welcome these chefs and farmers and thank them for helping to make our 1st Green Feast Encinitas possible.

It all began on a tiny dirt lot with an empty house and a big, yet simple idea. If food is the bridge that connects us, “What if we were to literally bring people to the table to have a conversation about the future of food and our role in it?”

There’s something magical that happens when you get people around a table, engaged in meaningful conversation, breaking bread, connecting, and consciously looking for solutions to build an abundant future.

The seed that was planted 12 years ago has evolved into a beautiful thriving community full of rich tradition. This vision, now a reality, is transforming a culture and shifting the way we think about our relationship to our food, each other, and the environment.

Together, we are the catalysts for transformation.

Kyle St. John

Rich Mead

Paul Greive


Weiser Family Farms

Amy LeBrun

Katy Smith

David Pratt

Anthony Laterri

Cathy McNight