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Group Volunteer Opportunity: Gleaning Produce

Groups will come in and source excess produce to provide to underserved communities

Group Volunteer Opportunity: Gleaning Produce
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Our incredible community of volunteers never cease to amaze us. We are constantly in awe of their commitment to uphold everything from our mission and vision as an organization, to the state of our facility.

Thanks to our incredible network of over 1000 volunteers, we are able to continue doing the important work year-round.

We encourage groups to get involved on a deeper level by coming to the center to give back and show support by lending a hand so we can collectively come together and create a culture that gives more than it takes.

Community Engagement

The Ecology Center Farm is seeking groups able to participate in the gleaning of excess organic produce to be made available to underserved communities right here in San Juan Capistrano and distributed via our partner Serra’s Food Pantry at Mission Basilica.

This is an ongoing, flexible opportunity that is available numerous times throughout the year depending on weather and harvest conditions. The produce will help support the mission and goals of Serra’s Food Pantry by providing underserved youth and families within the local community access to locally grown organic fruit and vegetables.

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Please contact Amanda, our Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]



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