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How To Make a Seed Ball

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How To Make a Seed Ball

Seed balls are a planting method that protects the seeds until the time is right for them to grow. Seed pelleting techniques were developed long ago and have been practiced in many parts of the world including ancient Rome and China.

The seed is “planted” or encrusted in a mixture of soil and clay, which protects them from being eaten by birds, insects, rodents, or being carried away by wind or water. They stay dormant until environmental factors such as rainfall make the seeds sprout and grow.

Generally, plants that make it through the first year are the right plants for your specific region. Experiment with native plants, wildflowers, or even garden vegetables in this using this time-tested process.

Seed Balls

  • 20 minutes
Choosing seeds
  • The best seeds for seed balls are relatively small, easy to grow, don’t require staking, and don’t need loose soil to thrive. Try greens any kind, such as kale, lettuce, chard, scallions, dill, and edible flowers. Or try native plants such as California buckwheat or poppies.
  • 3 parts dry red clay
  • 2 parts organic compost
  • 1 part small seeds – greens or any kind of native plant
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Bucket
  1. Combine 3 pinches of clay, 2 pinches of compost, and one pinch of seeds in your hand
  2. Spray a little water on the mix until sticky
  3. Roll into a ball
  4. Let it dry fully
  5. Toss away!

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