EAT – Recipes | February 8, 2021

Marinated beets can be served on their own, along with sauteed beet greens, or added to salads. The sweetness of the beets is enhanced by the salt and acid, balancing out the earthiness that makes some shy away.

Known for their intense color and earthy taste, beets are one of the oldest vegetables in cultivation. Believed to have evolved from a prehistoric North African root vegetable, the beet features in cuisines around the world throughout history, from ancient Greece to Elizabethan England to the early years of American independence.


Despite being relatively new to American kitchens, the Chioggia beet is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated varieties. First grown in a small fishing village in northern Italy in the early 1800s, the Chioggia beet is often known as the “candy cane beet” thanks to the concentric red and white circles of its inner flesh.

Red Ace

The iconic red beet—sweet and tender, with a dark, almost purple hue, and large spinach-like leaves. While the dark red color indicates a more minerally taste, roasting balances this flavor by bringing out the caramelly flavors of the beet’s high sugar content.

Touchstone Gold

Introduced to American growers in the 1940s, this golden variety offers brilliant color and mild sweetness that will win over anyone who says they don’t like beets.