EAT – Recipes | August 14, 2020

“A salad in a soup!” This blend of chilled tomatoes and cucumbers is a refreshing take on traditional gazpacho.

GROW – Field Notes | July 20, 2020

It’s our belief that good food should be for everyone. As farmers, that means corn, beans, squash, and tortillas and, now, the next version of that simple idea is Peace Pizza.

GROW – Field Notes | July 13, 2020

From color, to taste, to diversity, our 12 varieties of tomatoes were planted to span the color of the rainbow, having a significant place in our diet for the next six months.

The crown jewel in any summer garden, the tomato boasts a flavor that is both instantly recognizable and mysteriously indefinable. Each heirloom variety boasts a signature proportion of sweet, acidic and earthy flavors, as well as its own color, size, shape, and texture.

SEASONAL in Southern California