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Our Commitment

The Ecology Center at Encinitas Farm Lab

Our Commitment

The Ecology Center at Encinitas Farm Lab is a living laboratory designed to facilitate problem-solving, project-based learning, experiments in social enterprise, and be an inspiration to our community. We believe that to train our students to be leaders of the 21st century, we must arm them with real-world experiences that encourage them to work with their hands so they experience the joy of being able to watch something grow.

To Nourish All Children

For the past 10 years, The Ecology Center has been dedicated to building thriving ecosystems designed to inspire our community to deeply connect with the beauty and abundance that surrounds us.

We have inspired thousands of community members with hands-on experiences in our garden and schoolyards, around our dinner table, and in making products for their homes. With these skills, our community can now connect to and appreciate our journey toward a healthy future.

With over 100 schools engaged throughout Southern California, we are now ready to help inspire an entire district. We’re beyond honored to partner with Encinitas Union School District to help our children build the brightest future.