Our Partners

Our Partners

The Ecology Center’s corporate partners represent outstanding businesses tackling challenges with creativity to allow economy, community, and our shared environments to thrive.

The Ecology Center and our partners work to generate and distribute creative solutions. We are backed by organizations committed to sustainability and working to build a more vibrant future. Together, we collaborate on award-winning installations, campaigns, programs, events, and more — all to inspire our community towards change making.

Cultivating dynamic partnerships with like-minded brands is one of our greatest strengths. We pride ourselves on developing meaningful and authentic relationships with mutual benefit to both our partners and The Ecology Center.

Interested in collaborating with The Ecology Center? Send us an email at [email protected]

Make / Partner


We believe in surrounding ourselves with like-minded partners, and Vissla is just that. We are honored to collaborate with this innovative surf brand that keeps integrity and sustainability front of mind. Our founder, Evan Marks, has been named one of Vissla's Creators + Innovators and is lending a hand in contributing to Vissla's sustainability program. In addition to a massive amount of support, Vissla has also helped us create a Make Workshop. In our courtyard, you will find a brightly colored shipping container that plays host to art shows, exhibits, launch events and more. This space serves as a backdrop for projects and residencies that are designed to blend ecological awareness and craftsmanship.

Eat / Partner


Last year, we partnered with Sambazon to find students and student-led organizations around the nation that are putting in work to create change in their communities and ecosystems.

Grow / Partner

Great Park Neighborhoods

The Ecology Center is activating vibrant garden-centered spaces, including resident, supported raised beds, a learning greenhouse, and an outdoor kitchen. These installations will support hands-on programming for homeowners in the Great Park Neighborhoods.