Picked ripe and ready, it’s melon season!

In the field harvesting melons.
This week we’re harvesting the melon seeds we planted on Earth Day this year, April 22nd. Along with 20 varieties of winter squash for the colder months, we planted 4 varieties of melons, all in the plant family Cucurbitaceae.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be harvesting these unique melon varieties: Sugar Baby Watermelon, Sarah’s Choice Cantaloupe, Diplomat Honeydew, and an elongated Crenshaw called Lily. As a vining plant, melons are vigorous, and climb along the ground. 

Out in the field, Mario keeps an eye on the melons as they grow because they’re heavy fruits that grow in place on the ground. The underside of the melon, away from the sun, creates a sunspot (that’s the yellow circle you see on most melons). Everyday, Mario rotates the melons for even ripening. We pick our melons ripe. Our best recommendation for picking your melon is by using all of your senses: smell the end of the melon, it should smell sweet; tap it, it should sound hollow; look for one with bright color and  beautiful texture. 

We hope you enjoy these juicy fruits for the weeks to come!


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