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Hands-On Workshops

Dig-in alongside your group and bring home new skills and knowledge

Hands-On Workshops
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The hands-on skills we offer at The Ecology Center are inspired by generations that have come before us. Putting our hands in the soil and learning how to tend to the land, also helps to build a healthy community. Skills like pickling, seed saving, and natural dyeing are a reminder of our commitment to humanity. Our ancestors passed down these skills to ensure our land stay fruitful and also so their families could thrive in their ecosystems. The Ecology Center’s skills-based learning approach ensures a healthy and abundant future for all.

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Hand-On Workshops


Learn the basics of beekeeping! Get to know the life cycle of the Honeybee including hive history and the role honeybees play in our environment. No beekeeping workshop is complete without a honey tasting! Leave feeling inspired and appreciative of these important creatures. Duration: 1.5 hours, Max participants 25, Cost: $50 per person

Beer Making

Brew your own beer! Get to know the process from grain to bottle. Join master brewers for a hands-on demonstration, education, and tasting! Duration: 3-4 hours, Max participants 15Cost: $125 per person

Bread Making

Join our master baker for a special bread making workshop! Get to know the importance of quality ingredients, learn time tested recipes and sample the finished product. Duration: 3 hours, Max participants 15Cost: $125 per person

Cheese Making

Make your own cheese! Learn recipes for ricotta, mozzarella, and goat. Learn new methods, tips, and tricks from our master cheesemaker along with take-home tastings of each type of cheese. Duration:2.5 hours, Max participants 15Cost: $150 per person

Natural Dyes

Harvest and create natural dyes from our backyard garden! Dive deep with a master instructor to create your very own swatch board and at-home dye chart. Duration: 3-4 hours, Max participants 15Cost: $150 per person


Pickles, jams/jellies or krauts! Explore fermentation/preservation and the amazing techniques to preserve the seasons so you can eat local all year long. Duration: 2-3 hours, Max participants 15Cost: $125 per person

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