Field Kit

Our Field Kits serve as a farm field trip in a box, providing a tangible experience of nature and its seasonal cycle of nourishment.

Now more than ever, experiencing nature is essential to our health and well-being. With our popular in-person programming on pause due to the pandemic, we were determined to keep providing our community with resources for connecting with our farm and the community that shares it. Offered seasonally, the Field Kit is packed with all the elements of our field trips: a selection of just-harvested seasonal produce, a recipe specially created to highlight their nutrition and flavor, and an interactive booklet that expands on the seasonal theme with activities, coloring pages, discussion prompts, and more. Perfect as a homeschool supplement or a fun family project, each box brings the beauty and bounty of nature into your home. 

Designed in a unique collaboration among our agricultural, culinary, design and education teams, the Field Kit offers everything needed for an exciting sensory exploration of the land we share, one season at a time. With each Field Kit we offer:

  • A selection of seasonal organic produce grown at The Ecology Center Farm.
  • A recipe designed by our culinary team to highlight the box contents.
  • An interactive booklet with activities that foster connection to the land, the season, and the community behind the box.
  • Easy access through our Farm Share page—Field Kits are listed with other Pantry add-ons, and can be picked up along with your Harvest Box.
  • A chance to share the abundance by donating a Field Kit to another local family.

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