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10 Ways a Bucket Saves Water

A bucket is a tool with infinite uses...

10 Ways a Bucket Saves Water

How do you use your bucket?

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Here’s 10 ways to put it to use!

At The Ecology Center, we use a bucket at least once a day. Whether it’s to wash dishes, mix up potting soil, or harvest fruit in the orchard, every home and garden deserves a tubtrug.

If you use biodegradable soap, you can also save the water from washing your hands and dishes to water the yard.


  • Collect rinsewater in the kitchen sink and divert it to the garden.
  • Harvest shower water while it heats up for reuse outside.
  • Spot clean or hand wash laundry when you don’t have a full load.
  • Hold soil, compost or mulch when at work in the garden.
  • Wash up after dirty DIY projects, just add biodegradable soap and water!
  • Fill it up for a backyard water feature to build habitat.
  • Rinse out your wetsuit after the beach, then water your garden.
  • Carry tools & materials to a community project and get to work!
  • Reuse it for groceries or on harvest day to gather fruits & veggies.
  • Get creative! Share how you create positive change with a bucket.