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Behind the Scenes of Green Feast

Behind the Scenes of Green Feast

Behind the impeccable table setting and the sumptuous feast is a team of hard-working individuals.


Here’s a behind the scenes peek of the making of Green Feast!

Every year, from all over southern California, leaders, and supporters of sustainable food come together to celebrate our bioregion’s bounty of flavors at the farm-to-table event of the year, Green Feast!

Behind every perfect dish is an incredible team of talented chefs and our region’s best growers and farmers. Every ingredient is a result of years of love and dedication to the best farming practices.

Although images of the iconic long table are certainly mesmerizing, the back-of-house preparation is sometimes just as eye catching. Photographer Aubrey Devin certainly thinks so! She captured intimate behind the scenes moments at Green Feast that most might miss.¬†Click through the slideshow above and enjoy the honest and beautiful story of the making of last year’s Green Feast.