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A New Kitchen Classroom

We did it! With the support of our community, we'll break ground on our new space in 2017.

A New Kitchen Classroom

Thank you for your continued support! Together, we can create vibrant community ecosystems and a healthy food future.

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims”

R. Buckminster Fuller

We did it! With the support of our generous community, we are ready to begin building our outdoor kitchen classroom.

At the end of 2016, we set a goal to raise $25,000 to begin work on an interactive outdoor classroom. We are happy to announce that we both met and exceeded this goal by raising $37,760 to support edible education!

We believe that when children and adults come together around food, magical experiences happen. The new kitchen classroom will allow us to expand our offerings to teach students of all ages in hands on, farm to table cooking experiences.

Thank you for your continued commitment to bringing local, vibrant food to our community. We look forward to sharing updates on our progress as this exciting addition takes place.

Kitchen classroom Supporters:
Roger and Helen Abramsom William and Tristan Maris
Bret Babos Vicki and David Marks
Judith Barry
Edie Barvin
Robert and Bonnie Beeby
Grace Blacksea
Andrew Bruck
Kameron Campbell
Sandra Campbell
Kathleen Canter
Terry Carcerano
Christine Carrier
Lili Cuzor
Elaine Deutsch
Elan Eifer
Diane Finnegan
Lauren Michele Guite
Barbara Helton
Douglas Hibbard
Kate Higgins
Kathy Holman
James Pasino and Pamela Kauss
Renee Kempler Junge
Emily Kidwell
Jeff and Jennifer Kirschenbaum
Ruth Lehmann
Elizabeth Leland
Tamara Maher
Keira and Neil Malkus
Ocean Marks
Bruce Matsui
Edith Matsushita
Dave Mercier
Cristie Montgomery
Michael and Diana Morgan
Scott Nemeth
Michael Newton
Eric Paine
Marcy Pattinson
Michael Pearlman
Marilyn Pease
Jim and Sheila Peterson
Michael Recupero
Meredith Riekse
Marlene and Harris Ruderman
Gregory Shank
Jim and Ann Shea
Christopher Shrum
Kimberly Stanick
Kirk Vartan
Marin Vaughn
Kevin Wallis
Janet Welch
Penelope Wieder
Tod and Linda White
Susan Winterhoff


Graphic rendering of future outdoor kitchen classroom space, by Andrew Sieger.