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Eco App Off 2017

Regional chefs compete to create seasonally inspired and locally sourced appetizers.

Eco App Off 2017

The Eco App Off is a friendly competition between Southern California chefs from LA, OC, and SD who are passionate about sustainable food. 

Our gathering will be held this year at June 24th at 4 P.M. at The Ecology Center.

The Ecology Center is hosting an online “open call” for chef nominations in the community. Nominated chefs should demonstrate enthusiasm for the craft and passion for our organization’s values as well as must source all ingredients within 250 miles of The Ecology Center. If chosen, chefs will be invited to present an appetizer for 200 guests that exemplifies sustainability at our Eco App Off on June 24th.

The Eco App off is an extension of our Community Table initiative and Green Feast, our annual farm-to-table fundraiser. Through the Community Table initiative, our intention is to inspire chefs to collaborate with local purveyors in our region to cultivate a resilient foodshed. When chefs get to know farmers, fisherman, ranchers and artisans, it encourages a closed loop from farm to plate. Small scale changes in environmental sustainability in restaurants and businesses can help transform practices, menus, and palates.

Nominations are open from March 15th until April 15th. Know a chef who supports our vision of sustainable agriculture, delicious food, and community? Nominate them using the form below.

A few notes on our guidelines:
  • ALL ingredients (grain, produce, oil, etc.) must be sourced from within 250 miles of The Ecology Center.
  • Ingredients must be organically grown. This doesn’t mean that every product will be organically certified, but by working with local farmers and learning about their sustainability practices, we can help to cultivate pesticide and toxic-free systems of food production.