Calling All Future Eco-Designers!

We're now accepting applications to join our Eco-Design Fellowship program, open to all students of permaculture and ecological design.

Calling All Future Eco-Designers!

We will be accepting applications for the Eco-Design Fellowship Apprenticeship until May 1st. To receive an application, email Lauren Fieberg ( with a brief statement of interest.

If you’re inspired to cultivate vibrant ecosystems, we want to collaborate with you.

Continue on a journey of intentional, ecological design. The Ecology Center invites students of permaculture and ecological design to deepen their knowledge and transform their communities.

Join our Eco-Design Fellowship for a deep dive into building gardens with community activation.

  1. Garden and Farm Management — Get hands-on experience and further your permaculture education helping manage multiple garden projects as a part of The Ecology Center team.
    • Manage and maintain garden spaces under the mentorship of our experienced team of farmers and designers
    • Lead demonstrations and volunteer projects
  2. Teaching and Facilitating — Learn how to plan and facilitate an educational offering. Become trained to represent The Ecology Center as a trained docent for workshops and more.
    • Lead farm tours, field trips, skills-based workshops
    • Participate in program development and evaluation
  3. Eco-Design — Utilize and refine your permaculture knowledge by designing household and community garden ecosystems.
    • Develop skills in base mapping, zone analysis, master planning, and implementation management for residential homes, school gardens, and other public spaces
    • Lead office hours design consultations at The Ecology Center


  • Hands-on experience and training in permaculture, ecological design, educational programing, and communication under the mentorship by experts
  • Access to The Ecology Center’s educational materials and resources
  • $800 / month stipend


  • 24 hours / week, weekdays and weekends (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays)
  • Locations include: The Ecology Center, the Great Park, The Rainch in Laguna Beach, and school gardens throughout Orange and San Diego counties
  • 3 month fellowship

To Apply

Apply for the May – July Fellowship online.

Email Lauren Fieberg ( with any questions.