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Spring Shopping at the Farmers’ Market

Tips for supporting local farmers.

Spring Shopping at the Farmers’ Market
DTSA Farmer's Market

What’s in season? Check out our Seasonal Planting Chart to learn what to grow (and to eat!).

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Spring is an especially luscious time of the year to shop at the farmers’ market. 

Tender stalks of asparagus, nourishing nettles, and leeks are in ample supply. All that green is a gorgeous reminder of what’s to come as the weather warms and the soil soaks up the sweet sun. Shopping at your farmers’ market helps to affirm your connection to your local community, support farmers in your neighborhood, and encourage sustainable systems of food production.


What’s in season for Earth Day:
  • Leafy greens
  • Lettuce
  • Root crops
  • Citrus
  • Potatoes


Tips For Shopping At The Local Farmers’ Market

Many farmers use organic practices but can’t afford the certification. Always ask a farmer you’re meeting for the first time about the sustainability of their farming practices, what fertilizers they use, and of course, their favorite recipe to make with that week’s bounty! By cultivating meaningful relationships with our local farmers, we can not only help to support sustainable systems of food production, but also to make new friends.


  • Reusable cloth totes for storing seasonal fruit and beg
  • Glass jars for bulk grains, nuts, and pastas
  • Bee’s Wrap for taking home local eats