Road Trip

The Ecology Center on wheels


Road Trip is our ecological experience equipped with interactive displays, inspiring prep kitchen, hands-on DIY stations, and everything needed to host a community celebration. This 32-foot double decker bus allows us to provide transformative, solutions-based programming.

Celebrating our pilot season

In the spring of 2018, we traveled across Southern California. We've reached over 4,000 students, in 10 schools across 9 cities, and thousands of others via four community festivals and co-hosted events with our partners. We kicked-off the summer with our first Community Table farm dinner in Encinitas, inviting our friends and neighbors to explore Road Trip and enjoy a delicious meal, prepared on board Road Trip.

Take a look inside.

Equipped with state of the art features, Road Trip takes students and community members on an ecological journey. Activations inside of the bus include DIY stations, an inspiring prep kitchen, and hands-on workshops like pickling, canning, and planting. Those who join us on Road Trip will leave with new skills that will allow them to become more connected with their community and ecosystem.


The hands-on skills we showcase on Road Trip are inspired by generations that have come before us. Putting our hands in the soil and learning how to tend to the land, also helps to build a healthy community. Skills like pickling, seed saving, and natural dyeing are a reminder of our commitment to humanity. Our ancestors passed down these skills to ensure our land stay fruitful and also so their families could thrive in their ecosystems. The Ecology Center’s skills-based learning approach ensures a healthy and abundant future for all.

DIY / Grow

How To Make a Seed Ball

Become a guerrilla gardener by planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables wherever you go

DIY / Grow

How To Make Recycled Newspaper Pots

Plant a seedling with newspaper pots, you can recycle and grow food all at once.

DIY / Eat

How To Quick Pickle

Waste less, eat well and savor the flavors of every season, all year long.

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