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Ecological Agriculture Is Our Future

Questions about The Ecology Center's expansion plants? We have answers.

Ecological Agriculture Is Our Future

This 28 acre, 140-year-old farm surrounded by 3 million people can change our perspective of the world and reorient how we grow, eat, and create. At this scale, we have the opportunity to model a healthy modern village, an institute that celebrates food, agriculture, and creative culture. This demonstrates that a healthy and vibrant future is within reach.

On this page, you will find answers to basic questions about our expansion plans. 

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Why are we expanding?

After 9 years of transforming The Ecology Center into an ecological oasis, we found ourselves bursting at the seams. Every year more and more families, schools, farmers, and chefs want to participate in this community and cultural hub. Due to our growing demands, we looked to our neighbors, to ask how we could expand our programming?

Who are we partnering with?

At the end of 2017, we found the perfect partners in the City of San Juan Capistrano and South Coast Farms to expand our footprint, and broaden our capabilities of giving people the creative solutions to thrive on planet earth.

When will construction begin?

September 2018

Where is Farmer George going?

We are lucky enough to keep Farmer George on the team. His vast knowledge of farming this land is so valuable. We look forward to his help in building this project.

Will the name of the farm change?

Yes, South Coast Farms will not be used in our future endeavors. All naming will move under The Ecology Center.

Will there be more parking?

Yes! Thanks to the help of the City of San Juan Capistrano, we will be reorganizing our parking space, with more space, and a new entrance that can be accessed from Camino Del Avion vs. Alipaz.

Will there still be U-pick?

Yes! And more of it! Our hope is to only expand more of the offerings South Coast Farms has made available to the community in years past.

Will I still be able to buy my fruit/veggies at the Farm Stand?

Yes! In fact, we will have even more fruit/veggies to offer. We plan to work with other local farmers to showcase their bounty.

Will some of the land be sold to build homes like other areas of San Juan Capistrano?

No, the entire property will be used to celebrate agriculture, provide local food and create new pathways to a harmonious ecological future.