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Scoop from the Coop – September 2015

Scoop from the Coop – September 2015

Red the rooster gives us his perspective of September happenings at The Ecology Center.

Friends and fans of the coop,

Recognition and admiration must be the subject of my musings today. Though we chickens have our domicile in but one corner of The Ecology Center, being ever observant, we do take notice of the goings on.

Every late summer, the particularly eventful event called “Green Feast” takes place on the Ecology Center grounds. The preparatory business starts far earlier with “People in The Grey House” busying themselves in an particularly attentive manner. The anticipatory hustle and bustle to get ready for Green Feast takes place all summer and we love to watch and cluck and crow our approval.

In the week before, there are trucks dropping off supplies, tents going up, electricity and water being hooked up. By the time of the big event, the Center is transformed into a perfectly designed farm to table experience for our generous supporters to enjoy. The volunteers, the chefs, the staff and all others who contribute demonstrate to us just how hard working humans can be! Quite admirable! (A compliment from a rooster is not a gratuitous one, rather a sincere and respectful one, especially from yours truly.)

Though we bed down with the sun, and so we cannot attend the big event, we applaud the “People in the Grey House” for yet another successful event…..that which keeps our Center growing and thriving!

Everyone knows my flock and I are the cornerstone…, corner coop? of The Ecology Center and we, the humble chickens who live there, know the continued support of our community is what will ensure our future!

I, Red, the keeper and protector of the Ecology Center flock, would like to thank each and every one of you who facilitated Green Feast this year.

Fall is upon us! Please come to visit our corner. We look forward to seeing you and let me remind, the girls thrive with the lettuce and other greens you bring! We are grateful.

Yours ever so truly,

Red Rooster