Eco-Design Guild

Eco-Design Guild

The Eco-Design Guild creates sustainable spaces in the community by providing consulting and design services for homeowners, businesses, and community spaces.

If you’re interested in engaging in a large scale consulting project, please fill out the form below to speak to one of our Eco-Designers.

For small scale and home based garden design projects we offer an Eco-Design Consultation and Resource Toolkit. See below for details:

Eco-Design Consultation + Resource Toolkit

Model your landscape after The Ecology Center’s design and ethos. Explore your landscape through the eyes of an eco-design expert, and understand how you can retrofit your landscape into an ecological oasis. Enjoy an abundance of organic produce from your own backyard, in addition to the many benefits of cultivating a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem that supports local wildlife, harvests rainwater, and more.

An Eco-Design Consultation includes:

  • 1-hour site assessment by Eco-Designer
  • A conceptual sketch of your property with suggested recommendations
  • Downloadable, digital Resource Toolkit with inspiration palettes, plant lists, local resources, and DIY tips
  • Access to monthly office hours – a place to ask questions, learn, and connect with eco-designers and other experts in the community
  • A cost analysis for the implementation of your design

Cost: $750 + $1 per mile for travel outside of Orange County

The Eco-Design Consultation and Resource Toolkit is meant to offer inspiration and small-scale solutions for your home, school, or workplace, along with initial suggestions to start your self-guided eco-journey.


Eco Design Guild

Please include details about your property, your timeline, and any specific requests. An Eco Designer will be in contact shortly to discuss your project.

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