Field Trips

Field Trips

Bring your group for a hands-on exploration of The Ecology Center’s learning landscapes.

Come visit the Eco-Labs at The Ecology Center! Our outdoor interpretive stations provide systems- thinking, ecologically relevant, hands-on education through interactive explorations of what our ecosystems are and how we can live to improve them. Our 5 station, 1 hour, hands-on rotation takes students on an exciting journey focusing on observation, water conservation, growing your own, eliminating waste, and giving back.

Educators and students can engage with ecology in fun, hands-on ways that also satisfy the California State Standards for Science. Field trips are $10 per participant, with a 10-student minimum. 1 free chaperone is included per every  5 students. Our field trip seasons are Fall (Oct 1 – Nov 1) and Spring (May 1 – July 1). To request an Eco-Design Field Trip, please fill out the form below.

The Eco-Labs are funded in part by Hurley International and Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation.

DESIGN AND DISCOVERY ($15 per participant)

These options focus provoke questions and scientific discovery through discussion and observation.

Choose one of the following additions:

The Water Effect: Provides students with an in-depth look at issues in water conservation

Eco-Design In-Depth: Provides students with an opportunity to re-design their future

Pollinator Investigation: Provides students with an exploration of local pollinators and the differences in pollination.


SOIL AND SEEDS ($15 per participant)

These options focus soil and seeds through demonstrations and hands-on experience. Choose one of the following additions:

Seed Planting, saving, making seed balls: Students will learn to plants seeds, the basics of see saving, and how to make native CA seed balls. Composting and worm bins demo: Introduces students to the basics of building a hot compost and vermicompost


HARVEST AND MAKE ($20 per participant)

These options focus on seasonal harvest and preparation. Choose one of the following options:

Pickling and Seasonal Tea: Students will harvest herbs for tea and learn to make a jar of local flash pickles

Natural Dyeing: Students take home a hand dyed piece of fabric