Let's build an abundant future

We imagine a culture that gives more than it takes


Expansion helps us reach more

In 10 years, we’ve engaged 100,000s of people on-site, 10,000s of children, 100s of makers, artisans, farmers, and chefs. This impact drives us to keep moving forward to engage more people, create more hands-on experiences and give our future leaders more tools to thrive.

Continuing a community tradition

In 1990, The City of San Juan Capistrano bought this land to protect its deep-rooted history in farming and agriculture. The Ecology Center seeks to create a community that takes great pride in bringing this agriculture preserve to life.


A healthy future is within reach

This 28 acre, 140 year-old farm surrounded by 3 million people can reorient how we grow, eat, and create. Together, we have the opportunity to model a modern village, an institute that celebrates food, agriculture, and thriving creative culture.

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