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Studio Spotlight: Zapotec Farm and Weaving House

Take a look into Samuel Bautista's Oaxacan farm, home, and studio.

Studio Spotlight: Zapotec Farm and Weaving House

In collaboration with his family, Samuel Bautista of DIXZA crafts vibrant rugs and wool goods that evoke the rich colors of his native Mexico and the mythology of Zapoteca culture. His textured weavings are made by hand and dyed using the diverse plants, flowers, and mushrooms that grow wild on Bautista’s organic farm in Oaxaca.

To read our interview with Samuel, click here.

Samuel Bautista and his family are creating thriving community, heritage, and environment with every beautiful Zapotec rug.

Take a tour through Samuel’s family home to discover how they combine traditional practices with more modern sensibilities to create beautiful Zapotec rugs in Oaxaca, Mexico.


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