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The Greenhouse Initiative: Darwin’s Vermicrew

Learn how a group of students at UC Riverside is making vermicomposting cool on campus.

The Greenhouse Initiative: Darwin’s Vermicrew

Darwin’s Vermicrew is comprised of UC Riverside students who are educating their peers on vermicomposting while diverting organic waste away from landfills, effectively decreasing greenhouse gases in the process.

The Greenhouse Initiative: In 2017, we partnered with Sambazon to find students and student-led organizations around the nation that are putting in work to create change in their communities and ecosystems.

Tell us about Darwin’s Vermicrew? What is your mission?

Darwin’s Vermicrew: To create a sustainable organic waste alternative to the traditional disposing of organic waste to landfills.

How do you see Darwin’s Vermicrew positively affecting future generations?

DV: We hope that that the combination of campus awareness and education on Vermicomposting will lead to a continuation of Campus Vermicomposting. All in all, decreasing the output of greenhouse gases due to organic waste. This in turn, will allow future generations to enjoy healthy, clean air.

How has Sambazon’s dedication to social entrepreneurship inspired you?

DV: Sambazon’s social entrepreneurship has propelled us to initiate a long-term need on campus. Our campus has been in need of a composting program that encompasses all of the organic waste generating sectors on campus; such as dining halls, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. With such a large campus there is a large generation of waste products being sent off to landfills. Thanks to this grant we have the possibility to start an on-campus composting program that could help reduce UCR’s carbon footprint.

What is one simple solution you believe people can implement in their lives to live a more sustainable life?

DV: We believe people can compost their own food waste to divert greenhouse gas emissions at landfills.

What change can you make by the end of this school year that will have an impact on your campus?

DV: Less organic waste being sent to landfills and a stronger collective of the community garden. We can track the pounds of organic waste composted by weighing the o-waste before being put to process.

Team members: Evelyn, Danny & Edith


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