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MAKE: Principles of our Maker Community

Supporting our community of artisans and makers to inspire a modern village

MAKE: Principles of our Maker Community
Photo by Michelle Montgomery

Imagine if everything you and your family need to thrive is made within your community. Where the dishes you eat from, the clothes you wear, the soaps you use, are created by your neighbors and friends. Where everything is made from materials sourced in your region not in a factory using chemicals and inhumane labor.

A modern village in the 21st century is centered around a community of local artisans, makers, farmers, and chefs, all growing, sourcing, and creating just what’s needed to support local community, and mentoring future generations to do the same. By consciously consuming products at a hyper-local scale, we support our local economy and inspire each other to make the products we use every day. When we make products at a small scale and create directly for our community with self-sustaining practices, we can build a vibrant, thriving local economy.

The principles of MAKE

In our 5th year of Handmade: A Maker’s Market we focus on our modern village and the principles of a handmade culture. Our community of artisans and makers are producing goods at a small scale, producing no waste, giving back to the earth, sourcing local, and taking a human-centered approach, all to make a statement. Join us on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 for our outdoor market, full of local, handmade goods, DIY activities, local food, and music.


When we produce just enough to support our local community, we can make products well and regenerate our ecosystem. By only making what our communities need to thrive, we build a vibrant local economy that consumes consciously, and purposefully supports community.

Produce no waste

In nature, there is no such thing as waste. When we produce at a small scale, we only take what’s needed from the earth and create little-to-no waste in our production. By valuing and utilizing every resource around us – the knowledge, experience, insight, and materials abundant in our ecosystem – we model nature and live in harmony with it.

Give back to the earth

A regenerative process starts with a foundation of conscious making practices; where sourcing organic and bioregional material is the standard and community consumes only what they need. This shift allows us to build healthy soil to grow materials and fibers in our backyard ecosystem. This inspires our culture to make only what’s needed and produce no waste so that our ecosystem can thrive within our community.


When we take a human-centered approach to “making”, we embrace our place in human history so that we can learn from the tradition and honor it in a way that makes sense for our communities, today.

Source local

Certain plant materials and local fibers grow best in certain climates. When we source bioregional material, we reduce our use of resources, consciously consume everyday products and give back to our local ecosystem, directly supporting a dynamic local economy.

Make a statement

How we consume can change the world. Where you spend your money says what you support. By buying directly from artisans and makers in your community, you support local people, local systems, and progressive ideologies.

When we support a modern village of makers and artisans, we can build a community consciously designed to create and establish a local economy that is about regeneration and not exploitation.