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The Water Effect Campaign

Reimagining our relationship to our most precious resource.

The Water Effect Campaign

The Water Effect inspires ripples of change through simple solutions, open-source toolkits, and incentive-based campaigns, challenges, and celebrations.

Let’s cut our water footprint in half!


When you ditch disposable water bottles, you’re actually saving water. Every 20 oz packaged water bottle takes 6x the volume of the bottle to manufacture and transport. In other words, you save one gallon of water every time you use your reusable bottle. Simple solutions really do make big change.

Your new sticker will be a constant reminder that you’re making a difference every time you fill up your water bottle, and will inspire those around you to join the movement. We’ll mail you the sticker, and it’s all totally free. What are you waiting for?


The average American uses 1800 gallons of water per day. That’s twice the global sustainable average. At the rate we’re consuming water, we’d need two planets to quench our thirst.

This is more than just the water you use to drink, shower, brush your teeth, and wash your dishes. Most of the water we consume is invisible. This is our water footprint.

The Water Effect reimagines our relationship to water through:

  • The stuff we buy.
  • The food we eat.
  • The water we use at home.

By being aware of the water it takes to make and transport everything we touch, we can make better choices every day. Through collaboration and leadership, we will act as stewards of our most precious resource and create an abundant future. Together, we can turn this around. The Water Effect issued a call, and you answered. Let’s get started.

World Water Day is coming up right around the corner on March 22. The posters below are available in limited quantities for Water Ambassadors to host their own exhibitions. If you have an idea for a poster exhibition, be it at your school, workplace, or community center, let’s talk.

We have a limited number of poster sets for water activists who want to host their own poster Exhibitions. Complete this interest form, and we’ll get in touch with you to talk it through.


The Water Effect Toolkit

Water / For Students

The Water Effect Toolkit

Learn how to activate change around water conservation.

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Water / For Students

The Water Effect Exhibition

Host an exhibition on your school campus or in your community.

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