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The Water Effect Is In Motion

Local students take initiative.

The Water Effect Is In Motion
Photo by Tony Wodarck

The Water Effect inspires ripples of change through simple solutions, open-source toolkits, and incentive-based campaigns, challenges, and celebrations.

The Ecology Center believes that we can work together to create respect for our most precious resource. That’s why we are so excited to welcome our Water Ambassadors to The Ecology Center!

With the formal launch of The Water Effect Student Ambassador Program, our 14 student leaders will be uniquely positioned to create transformative change on their campuses.

Over the coming months, The Ecology Center team, in particular School Programs and Eco Lab Manager Lauren Fieberg, will provide impactful training, support, and community connections to these trailblazers. The Water Effect student ambassadors work within their communities and on their school campuses to inspire their friends, families, and neighbors to reimagine their relationship to water.

Our hope is that through engaging campaigns, exciting creative collaborations, and hands-on learning, we can provide our high school ambassadors with the tools to be leaders in their communities. We provide a nourishing support system as well as share educational toolkits that teach our students how to conserve water and inspire change.
We are working with our Water Ambassadors toward cultivating an engaging gathering on World Water Day that will motivate our community to celebrate and to conserve water. We want to empower every one of our students to active change not only on their campuses, but in our county.
There are many ways that you can help our Water Ambassadors and The Water Effect! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for social media campaigns spearheaded by our students and check out the following resources for inspiration on water-wise living. Simple solutions really do make big change.

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