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Why Buy Local?

Support local farmers and support local economy

Why Buy Local?

Imagine that everything you need to nourish your family is grown locally in your community. Where the ingredients that fill your plate are planted, nurtured, harvested, and shared by your local farmer.

Imagine that through the simple act of buying food from your local farmer you can transform our food system.

A vibrant local economy takes community effort and purposeful support. When we are conscious consumers and selective about what we purchase, we have the opportunity to build a dynamic local economy. Supporting local means that local farms, markets, and economy can thrive amidst corporate-owned, industrial agriculture.

Farm Share gives us the choice to support our local farmers, in turn nourishing both our community and our family. Ingredients in your farm box are harvested on-site and foraged within 250 miles of San Juan Capistrano from our network of organic farmers.

Together, we show the world that we can choose to nourish our families as well as our shared ecosystems. Together, we choose to support the health of our community and family.

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