At The Ecology Center we are commited to meeting the changing needs of our community. We have been met with immense support from our neighbors and community members – near and far.

During this crisis, we are awakened to the necessity of local, resilient agriculture. Together we are rebuilding the food system.

Harvest Box

Thoughtfully curated by culinary and agricultural artisans, Farm Share is an opportunity to experience the seasons with all of its diversity of colors and flavors in your own home.

Green Feast Auction

View details of the special auction items we have curated for you and your family to enjoy. Every dollar you donate goes back into our regenerative, organic farm and community education!

Peace Pizza

Organic half-baked margherita pizza with anchovies. Vegan option available with savory almond ricotta, sans anchovies.


With so many cucumbers coming off the farm, we thought we’d give you a micro Cucumber Field Guide for identifying all the heirloom varietals we’re growing.

Lemon Cucumbers – These cucumbers look like lemons but taste sweet and bright and are nice raw or pickled. Yellow and round, with a thin skin and more seeds the later they’re picked in the season.

Boothby Blonde Cucumbers – Squat and plump with a creamy yellow skin, these cucumbers are sweet and delicate with a modest amount of seeds.







Nourishing Neighbors

The Ecology Center believes in a culture that gives more than it takes.

We put this belief into action with our commitment of donating 20% of what we grow to feed food-insecure families in our neighborhood and community. Our 28-acre regenerative organic farm, located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, has been designed to produce the highest quality, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers – enough to nourish 750 families every week.

A $32 monthly pledge helps us ensure that food-insecure families have access to fresh, local, healthy, organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and pantry staples.


Farm Stand

Our Farm Stand is a resource for everyday ingredients and tools for thriving on planet Earth.

Questions? Give us a call  949-661-6063

Monday Open 9AM - 5PM
Tuesday Open 9AM - 5PM
Wednesday Open 9AM - 5PM
Thursday Open 9AM - 5PM
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Saturday Open 9AM - 5PM
Sunday Open 9AM - 5PM

Become a Member

Please join us in our vision to build a farm to model a healthy future for all. This project is an extraordinary opportunity to impact our community today, while ensuring the preservation of agriculture and open space for generations to follow.

Building a community farm and transforming our food system takes all of us. This task is too big and too important to do alone.

and together we build community!

Our Future Vision

Together we can change how we nourish our families, connect to our land, and make what we all need to thrive. This project is an extraordinary opportunity to impact our community today, while ensuring the preservation of essential resources and practices for generations to follow.

By creating a space for collaboration and creative problem solving, a farm could become the classroom for the next generation, while nourishing the community and catalyzing a profound and lasting change in our relationship between food and agriculture.


Support Our Mission

Your support allows us to continue our efforts to feed our community with local, regenerative-organic produce and share the skills necessary thrive in the 21st century.

It Takes a Village

Donate a box to someone in need

Give a box to someone in need

We are distributing Farm Share boxes to our neighbors in need. Please help us support our communities basic needs.

Keep our culinary community working

Help us create new opportunities for temporarily unemployed culinary workers to help share food with our community.