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We are a non-profit organization that models creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.

Community / Grow

TASTE is here!

This isn’t your average U-Pick, here you will take an intentional educational journey onto our farm and discover the magic of spring and the Strawberry, find interactive art installations, explore new discoveries of flavor and excitement, meet our new farm animals, and of course, end by picking Strawberries in the field!

Come celebrate the Season with TASTE

Farm Share: Community Supported Agriculture

Support your local farmer, and become a shareholder at our farm by signing up for Farm Share, our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program showcasing beautiful organic weekly and bi-weekly veggie boxes sourced right here from our farm in San Juan Capistrano and from local farms nearby!

Farm Raised: Open Studio

Farm Raised is a creative co-op for kids!

Starting February 17th, we will begin an 8 week program called Open Studio for children to join us on the farm in the afternoons from 1:15-3:15pm.

Mondays 2/17 – 4/13: Puppets for Permaculture
Tuesdays 2/18 – 4/14 Skate Wild: Wilderness Skills & Skateboarding
Wednesdays (Starting in Late March) 3/18 – 5/13 Watercolor Painting with Brooke Kelley

Community / Solutions

Members Make our Farm a Community!

We are on a mission to shift the way we consume and model a truly regenerative agriculture, but this project is too big to do alone and we want to build a transformative community farm WITH you, our community!

let's put the CULTURE back in agriculture! Help us shift the food system and be a part of the solution, join us today!.

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