Green Feast

Auction Live

We are raising the important resources to:

  1. Further invest in building our farm as a model for regenerative agriculture
  2. Donate more produce to nourish our neighbors in need
  3. Launch our farm apprenticeship to train our next generation of farmers

This year’s challenges have revealed what most of us already knew – that our current food system is one of inequity and fragility.

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As we adapt to the new normal under Covid-19 health guidelines and mandates, the 2020 Green Feast will look different from years’ past. Although we can’t physically sit at the same long table, we are planning the same level of fun, engagement, and delicious food.

This year, Green Feast is focused on raising resources to nourish our neighbors – with the goal of increasing access to healthy food for all. This initiative seeks to engage 1,000 people in our community; hands raised to commit to a recurring contribution of $32 per month with the goal of feeding 150 families in need per week.

We invite you to join our digital event, October 3, where we break bread together through Green Feast (at home) and share in the important work needed to heal and nourish through food. We are building a movement that creates lasting change in behavior while implementing sustainable food-growing systems. This is work we do together, as a community, and we look forward to partnering with you as we build a healthy and equitable future for the planet!

(at-home) Basket

Celebrate Green Feast 2020 and the autumn harvest with a specially curated dinner from Chef Jennifer Sherman to share at home.

How The Basket Works

1. Reserve your basket ASAP! (Limited quantities available)

2. Pick up your basket  in Encinitas or San Juan Capistrano on October 3rd

3. Heat your entree, toss your salad and pour your wine

4. Tune into our live stream and join us for a fantastic evening



Nourishing Neighbors

The Ecology Center believes in a culture that gives more than it takes.

We put this belief into action with our commitment of donating 20% of what we grow to feed food-insecure families in our neighborhood and community. Our 28-acre regenerative organic farm, located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, has been designed to produce the highest quality, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers – enough to nourish 750 families every week.

A $32 monthly pledge helps us ensure that food-insecure families have access to fresh, local, healthy, organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and pantry staples.



We are asking you to match or grow your annual Green Feast contribution.

I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that 2020 is the most important year in our lifetime.

For the Ecology Center, it’s a year that has challenged us to rise up and share our abundance in a time of scarcity.
This is our collective moment. Be a part of a movement to create lasting change in behavior and systems in food and agriculture with a contribution to Green Feast today.

This year’s challenges have revealed what most of us already knew - that our current food system is one of inequity and fragility.

Earlier this year, as grocery store shelves sat empty and unsafe, we showed up for our community by finding safe and effective ways to manage the increasing demand for fresh organic food. We kicked into gear, working tirelessly over just weeks to bring our 28-acre farm into full production — a full three years earlier than planned — to nourish over a thousand families weekly. We now have the unique opportunity to bring true resilience to a region.
Let’s capitalize on this momentum and push forward in reconnecting and strengthening the connection between our community to food and agriculture.

Green Feast is our moment to raise the important resources to do this work! Please contribute to help us nourish food insecure families, educate the next generation of farmers, and create a legacy for maintaining agriculture in our community.

green feast

green feast

auction 2020

auction 2020

The auction is open until October 17th at 5pm

Every auction item final bid is tax deductible and goes to the shared cause of nourishing our community. Every dollar you donate goes back into our regenerative, organic farm and community education so that we can continue our work of building an abundant future!


The Ranch at Laguna Beach

Stay in the Laguna Beach Treehouse nested high above the grounds and surrounded by windows.

Perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, and honeymoons – the Treehouse is 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1600 ft expansive suite, with a wrap around deck, full gourmet kitchen, living and dining areas and floor to ceiling windows. 

You’ll receive a 2 night stay, dinner at harvest and welcome amenities!


Farm Stay

A magical night on the farm – including dinner, activities, breakfast, and a once-in-a-lifetime agricultural glamping experience for 6 people.

You’ll  join Chefs Jen & Ryan in the outdoor kitchen to prepare and enjoy a meal under the market lights with your family.

After your meal on the farm you’ll stay in our eco-yurt in the garden. Your campfire and hot chocolate will keep you warm while you and your family participate in the evening activities for children or adults led by our experiential educators.

Farm Stay will be a unique opportunity to dig deeply into the world of regenerative organic agriculture, prepare and share a world-class dinner under the stars, and spend a peaceful night on the farm.


Dinner with Chef Jennifer Sherman

A very special multi-course outdoor dinner for 10 with Chef Jennifer Sherman. With all the best seasonal ingredients from the farm and our local food-shed, a farm tour, and the magical setting of the Congdon House courtyard, this evening will be as tasty and beautiful as it is meaningful. Chef Jennifer will share her inspiration and recipes at your table as you enjoy dinner and a curated wine pairing.


Cooking Class with Chef Jason McLeod

Jason McLeod will share his favorite recipes in this online cooking class. Hop on whenever you like and learn to cook from this prestigious chef. Each participant will receive a link to the class, a shopping list, and recipes.


Dinner with Chef Drew Deckman

Chef Drew Deckman is the master of fireside, farm-driven, seafood and wine dinners. He will bring his award-winning Valle de Guadalupe style and recipes to The Ecology Center for a dinner for 10.


Thanksgiving Meal by Cathy McKnight

Chef Cathy McKnight will prepare a beautiful Thanksgiving menu for you and 8-9 of your loved ones. This beautiful meal will be dropped off at your home the day before Thanksgiving and will include a Pasture Raised Neiman Ranch Heritage Turkey, turkey gravy, sausage, apple and buttermilk cornbread stuffing, Weiser Farm mashed potatoes, Aloha sweet potatoes with pineapple, sweet heirloom corn pudding, fresh charred The Ecology Center vegetables, Chef Cathy’s famous cranberry-orange relish and a 9″ homemade organic pie!


Peace Pizza

A wood-fired pizza party with family and friends.

Start the evening with a fun farm tour to harvest vegetables for your pizzas and then lend a hand building and cooking your custom pies in our new wood oven. Complete with garden salads, drinks, dessert, and wine for 10 people.

The Peace Pizza is one of the most popular events among our supporters “This has been the best thing my family has done all year!”
– Sara Lowell


Cooking class with Chef Brian Malarkey

Step into the kitchen for a virtual cooking class that’s as interactive and engaging as it is informative. 

Worth: $5,000  – Virtual Class for up to 10 people with 1 main and 1 side recipe in 1 hour class 

Chef will teach you how to properly use that knife of yours, plate your dish like a pro, and share some of his secret Top Chef cooking hacks. During the hour-long class, you’ll get a chance to interact directly with Chef, ask him with culinary questions, show him your dish, and share your favorite Top Chef memories and get the inside scoop on what really went down behind the scenes.


films on the farm

The Ecology Center works to create simple solutions for thriving on Planet Earth. Education has always been the focus of our work. We believe in the power of storytelling and the films that inspire us to take action.

Join us with up to 15 friends and family members for a movie night on the farm.
We’ll put up the big screen, and put out blankets and beach chairs and share drinks and snacks.


Island Earth

Filmmaker Cyrus Sutton will answer questions via Zoom as we watch his documentary Island Earth which explores the challenges of GMOs, modern agriculture and population growth by viewing Hawaii as a microcosm for the world’s food problems.


Five Summer Stories

Heralded as “the finest surf movie ever made,” Five Summer Stories is a cultural icon; a time capsule from a watershed era when the world was at a critical crossroads and its reflection was clear in the emerging sport/art of surfing.


The Biggest Little Farm

The Biggest Little Farm chronicles the eight-year quest of John and Molly Chester as they trade city living for 200 acres of barren farmland and a dream to harvest in harmony with nature.

Through dogged perseverance and embracing the opportunity provided by nature’s conflicts, the Chester’s unlock and uncover a biodiverse design for living that exists far beyond their farm, its seasons, and our wildest imagination.