Dear Community

Imagine that by creating a space for collaboration and creative problem solving, a farm could become the classroom for the next generation, while nourishing the community and catalyzing a profound and lasting change in our relationship between food and agriculture.

When our children have a space to put their hands in the soil, they learn compassion for nature, while experiencing the joy of tasting food directly from the Earth.

The Ecology Center
32701 Alipaz Street
San Juan Capistrano
CA 92675
(949) 443 4223
The Ecology Center
441 Quail Gardens Dr
Encinitas, CA 92024


Farm stand

Open every day from 9am to 5pm

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Thoughtfully curated by culinary and agricultural artisans, Farm Share is an opportunity to experience the seasons with all of its diversity of colors and flavors in your own home.

On our 28-acre certified organic farm we grow an incredible diversity of fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables. We are dedicated to producing fresh seasonal produce to feed our community.

Our Farm Stand is open daily to meet all of your culinary and household needs. Visit for a culinary tour of our local foodshed – with an offering of local organic fruits and vegetables, artisan bread and tortillas, bulk organic pantry and housecare products, organic seedlings and kids gardening tools.

Our programming is slowly returning. Stay tuned for upcoming events by following us and signing up to our newsletter.

See you soon!

The Ecology Center is an ambitious project that humbly seeks to provide a blueprint for living abundantly on planet Earth – to explore what it looks, tastes, and feels like when humans collaborate towards a healthy future for all.

Our non-profit organization models creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth. We believe everyone should have access to the tools, knowledge, and skills that promote healthy communities in the 21st century.

The Ecology Center’s headquarters is located in the historic Congdon Farmhouse and Kinosihita Farm in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

From an empty dirt lot, we have created an ecological oasis. Our home is a model for how every home can be reimagined and every space revived.

Having witnessed more than 130 years of social, agricultural, and environmental change, the Congdon House is the perfect venue for an exploration of the links between past, present, and future. At the same time, as one of the oldest standing embodiments of the past, it serves to remind us that we must act today to rejuvenate the environment for the generations to follow.