The Water Effect

Simple solutions to cut our daily water use in half.


Every choice we make is a chance to save water. Together, we can create respect for our most precious resource.

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Defeating the Juggernaut. An end of an era.

The past 7 years have been an incredible journey. Together, we have implemented 7 educational programs, 8 installations, and 3 publications in 5 years – putting water education in over 100 schools and connecting with over 500,000 individuals.

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The Water Effect Campaign

Reimagining our relationship to our most precious resource.


Let’s cut our water footprint in half!


When you ditch disposable water bottles, you’re actually saving water. Every 20 oz packaged water bottle takes 6x the volume of the bottle to manufacture and transport. In other words, you save one gallon of water every time you use your reusable bottle. Simple solutions really do make big change.

Your new sticker will be a constant reminder that you’re making a difference every time you fill up your water bottle, and will inspire those around you to join the movement. We’ll mail you the sticker, and it’s all totally free. What are you waiting for?


The average American uses 1800 gallons of water per day. That’s twice the global sustainable average. At the rate we’re consuming water, we’d need two planets to quench our thirst.

This is more than just the water you use to drink, shower, brush your teeth, and wash your dishes. Most of the water we consume is invisible. This is our water footprint.

The Water Effect reimagines our relationship to water through:

  • The stuff we buy.
  • The food we eat.
  • The water we use at home.

By being aware of the water it takes to make and transport everything we touch, we can make better choices every day. Through collaboration and leadership, we will act as stewards of our most precious resource and create an abundant future. Together, we can turn this around. The Water Effect issued a call, and you answered. Let’s get started.

World Water Day is coming up right around the corner on March 22. The posters below are available in limited quantities for Water Ambassadors to host their own exhibitions. If you have an idea for a poster exhibition, be it at your school, workplace, or community center, let’s talk.

We have a limited number of poster sets for water activists who want to host their own poster Exhibitions. Complete this interest form, and we’ll get in touch with you to talk it through.

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The Water Effect 2017 Toolkit

Learn how to activate change around water conservation on your school campus and in your community.

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The Water Effect Is In Motion

Local students take initiative.

For Students / Water

The Water Effect Exhibition

Host a poster exhibition on your school campus or in your community.

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10 Ways To Use A Tubtrug
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10 Ways To Use A Tubtrug

Check out these easy steps for water-wise living.

Through The Water Effect initiative, The Ecology Center advocates simple solutions to conserve water and reimagine our relationship to this precious resource. 

One of our very favorite tools for change? The Tubtrug, a sturdy-handled bucket that is a water-wise gardener’s favorite companion. The abundance of rainfall in Southern California this year is an invitation to truly harvest the rain. But no matter where you live, a Tubtrug can come in handy. Here’s how to put this tool to good use:


1. Reimagine Rinsewater

Cleaning dishes by hand with biodegradable soap? A Tubtrug in the kitchen sink collects rinsewater that you can reuse to nourish your garden.

2. Harvest Vegetables

Carry a Tubtrug at your side as you gather your garden harvest.

3. Mix Soil

Use your Tubtrug to mix together the core components of a nutrient-rich soil.

4. Store Equipment

Stash gardening tools such as hand spades and gloves in your trusty Tubtrug.

5. Collect Cold Shower Water

As your shower warms up, use a Tubtrug to collect cold water that you can then use to water your garden or houseplants!

6. Shop The Farmers’ Market

Short on reusable bags? A sturdy Tubtrug is great for stowing your seasonal haul when you shop the farmers’ market.

7. Carry Materials

Whether you are organizing a community art project or coordinating a workday at the local garden, a Tubtrug is a simple way to carry materials across sites.

8. Handwash Laundry

Use biodegradable laundry detergent to wash clothes by hand.

9. Hold Mulch

A Tubtrug helps with the heavy lifting when you’re mulching your garden, creating compost, and carrying soil to refill beds.

10. Container Garden

Convert a Tubtrug into a miniature thriving garden!


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World Water Day

The Water Effect Ambassadors truly rallied for change in their communities on World Water Day this March 22nd. Check out this slideshow to see their work in action and click on the link below to learn about the personal stories of some of these changemakers.


Meet The Water Effect Ambassador Rob Machado

Learn why professional surfer and The Water Effect Ambassador Rob Machado is hopeful about the future.

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Let's turn this around.

The Water Effect ambassador Rob Machado talks about how he makes water conservation a lifestyle.

10 Simple Solutions to Create an Abundant, Healthy Watershed
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10 Simple Solutions to Create an Abundant, Healthy Watershed

Simple solutions make big change.



Save 1 gallon per single use plastic bottle – Every 20 oz packaged water bottle takes 6x the volume of the bottle to manufacture and transport. Reduce plastic waste, save water, and protect our oceans by using a reusable bottle instead. Make a bigger impact by carrying all of your to-go food and beverages in reusable containers.


Save 5 gallons every time you use a bucket – Keep precious drops from going down the drain. Capture and recycle water from your shower or dishwater as it heats up. Use this water to take wash linens, water household plants, rise off your swimsuit, and more. Save 5-10 gallons with each fill.


Save 100’s gallons per day – Choose quality over quantity to save water and stop feeding landfills. Every shirt, shoe, phone, and tablet you buy has a massive water cost in the production and manufacturing. For example, an average cotton t-shirt takes 650 gallons to produce. Give old things new life. Repurpose, recycle, and reuse to save water.


Save 3000 gallons per week – Take a step down the food chain and save. It takes water to feed, process, transport, and store meat – up to 1600 gallons for 1lb of beef. Swapping green for red just a couple times a week saves thousands of gallons of water.


Save 150 gallons per day – When you buy organic or grow your own vegetables at home, you keep harmful pesticides out of our waterways. Supporting local farmers reduces the water necessary to transport, process, and store food.


Save 55 gallons per rainfall – When that precious California rain comes, take advantage. The average southern California rooftop has the potential to save 1000 gallons of water for every inch of rain. Gather the drops in containers, rain barrels or rain gardens — reduce runoff and keep post-storm beaches clean. Rain barrels can contain 55 gallons to 1200 gallons, depending on your space.


Save 2 gallons per day – Toilets are the biggest water users inside the home. In addition to flushing less often, displacing the water in your toilet tank generates easy water savings. Put a brick or sand-filled bottle in your tank to save ¼ gallon with every flush.


Save 150 gallons per day – 30-60% of household water usage takes place outside of the home. By installing a native garden in the place of your lawn, you’ll decrease your water use, reduce runoff, and eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers.


Save 5 gallons per day – Energy is water and water is energy, so flip the switch. Replace inefficient household bulbs with CFLS and LEDs and turn off all electronics when not in use.


Save 8 gallons per day – A typical faucet runs 2-4 gallons per minute. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, shaving, soaping up, or washing dishes. Simple habit changes make a big difference — see just how little water you need to get the job done.

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How to Install A Rain Barrel

We teamed up with our friends at Houzz to produce a video to guide you through the process at home.

Harvest the Rain

Build a water-wise home with these smart tools for change.